About Us


N&C Medimetic
- As for “N&C,” “N” stands for “natural,” while “C” stands for “Cheongmyung.”
- “MEDIMETICS,” on the other hand, is a portmanteau created by combining “medical” and “cosmetics.”
- Our company name, “N&C MEDIMETICS,” implies the aim of our company, which is to make natural cosmetic products that help address skin problems.
Dragon & Phoenix Logo
- The dragon and the phoenix are considered the most blessed creatures out of all living things. Together, the two creatures emanate a sacred and mysterious energy and serve as a symbol (origin) of blessing, prosperity, harmony and happiness. They also symbolize nature and spring, summer, fall and winter, in addition to governing over the west, east, north and south. They even exhibit supernatural powers through a magical stone called cintamani. Cintamani is said to grant people’s wishes and bring good fortune.
- In hopes that each product will be as powerful as a cintamani of the dragon and phoenix, N&C MEDIMETICS will present customers with the best possible products based on extensive research.
- KORB stands for “Korea Beauty.”
- It demonstrates our commitment to present natural herbal cosmetic products that will help our customers’ skin appear youthful and vibrant and become the represenative beauties of Korea.
- We are confident that our products, when exported abroad, will fulfill the desires of those who admire Korean beauty.